Don't be tourist, be an explorer!

Don't be tourists, become explorers!

Do you have a sense of orientation? Can you think logically and find hidden clues? Do you love adventure? If so, the orientation-based CITY GAME will provide you with entertainment in the streets of beautiful Croatian cities and, at the same time, you will learn all the interesting things about their rich history in a playful and fun way.

More about City Game
Arena Mysterium

Arena Mysterium in Pula

It is a story of a mystery that is hidden in an ancient amulet: a story of the bravery and courage of five amulet guards, valiant gladiators whose fates were once joined before eventually splitting and never meeting again. Thus, the mystery remained unrevealed. Until now...

How it works

Who is the game intended for?


Families and friends

Are you looking for meaningful activity that would engage the entire family or group of friends? Games by CITY GAME are adventurous entertainment where players get to know about the history and attractions of Croatian tourist cities in a playful way.



A school trip or excursion has never been so exciting. Pupils play the game on a tablet and compete with each other for a better result while spending time outside and learning the history of the city.



What can be more romantic than the common experience of an adventure? Instead of the cinema or candlelight dinner, take your other half to explore and reveal a mystery that is hundreds of years old.



CITY GAME takes teambuilding fun to a new level. See how your team deals with problem solving, how creative its members are and how quickly they can understand the things around them.

* The game is designed for all adventure lovers over 8 years of age. However, children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Arena Mysterium

CITY GAME is a unique city game where players perform different tasks, overcome obstacles and answer questions.

It is a great way how to enjoy your leisure time with your friends, family or colleagues through teambuilding.

Your perseverance and teamwork will lead you through the streets of the historic towns of beautiful Croatia. You will discover the most famous sights and also less known but equally interesting sites, and you will learn a lot about the history and life in those places.

It is simply a great new way to get to know tourist destinations without a guide and to enjoy it.

What you need

  • Create a team of 2 to 5 people (more teams can play at a time).
  • Book your game here.
  • Pay for the game online from the comfort of your home or on the spot.
  • Get to the place where the game starts and then play.

How does it work


Our game master will meet you at a precise location in the city centre.


The game master will give you a tablet with the game app and will explain how to use it; then, you can start your quest. Each entry is explained in a clear way, and the app maps will show you how to move between the game locations.


In case you need help during the game, you can call the game master who will be happy to assist you.


You have 3 hours to complete the game. Once the mystery is discovered or the time limit expires, the tablet will show you where to meet the game master again.

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